Bentley Massage Therapy
Therapeutic Massage


What did you like best about your massage?


The method used. Each area began with a lighter touch and then moved in to address the muscles. I liked this very much.” - Maryann


The rhythm and the flow – that felt invigorating – he has nice energy – the back to neck rake.” - Jeff


The knowledge that was shared, the perfect amount of pressure that was given!” - Kelly


The pressure, fluid movement, touched on areas exactly where I needed.” - Heather


Explanation and time spent with me.” - Marilyn


I learned a lot, I felt informed.” - Amy


Feeling like I'm getting the help I need.” - Lauren


Personable therapist - asked all the right questions – gentle yet strong.” - Sheri


Communication to meet my needs.” - Marilyn


Dan has a great sensitivity in his hands that I rarely experience with male massage therapists.” - Suzanne


Different than most. Pressure was wonderful.” - Eric

 “Dan didn't attack my trouble spots. He took a sneak attack on them with long slow movements, so working on my knots wasn't as painful as other times. Dan did a great job and is an effective healer!” - Melissa


Relief! Dan has a great touch and combination of hand positions and pressure.” - Darcy


Dan has a great energy. He really made me feel relaxed – and worked on specific areas that I asked him to.” - Karen


Dan listened to all my areas of concern and addressed them exactly right. Amazing!” - Yari


He told me why I was hurting, how to fix it.” - Mackenzie


A short vacation and escape from the stresses of the world.” - Sheri


Fabulous! Dan did his homework and from beginning to end, it was marvelous. It was innovative, relaxing, it was the very best. Dan is dedicated, you can tell, you can feel his enthusiasm.” - Bonnie



Other than “relaxing”, what one word would you use to describe your massage?


Personalized, he really listened!” - Kara


Art! Fabulous, deeply relaxing.” - Theresa


Two words – profoundly therapeutic” - Suzanne



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